Dock Servicing

Dock Servicing

No job is too big or too small for Regatta Dock Systems.
If you are having issues with your current dock and need parts or just an extra set of hands give us a call. With a fully stocked warehouse, we will be able to fill your order in a timely manner.
Need custom work? Regatta Dock Systems has a full metal fabrication shop to meet all your custom dock needs.

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Whether you’re a seasoned boat owner or a lakeside resident with a prized waterfront view, maintaining the integrity of your dock is crucial. Not only is a well-maintained dock essential for safety, but it also adds aesthetic and resale value to your property. Recognizing when dock repairs are necessary can be the difference between a minor touch-up and a significant, costly overhaul—”a stitch, in time, saves nine.”

If you’re in the market for a complete overhaul, Regatta specializes in that as well. For those looking to stick to the world of dock repair for the moment, let’s explore both the clear and the less apparent signs that your dock might be due for some attention.

Signs Your Dock Might Need Repair:

From the Obvious to the Subtle

1. Visible Damage or Wear

Visible damage is the most blatant sign that dock repair is necessary. This includes but is not limited to cracks, holes, splintered wood, and broken materials. Aluminum docks may show signs of corrosion, while wooden ones can exhibit rot. If parts of your dock feel spongy underfoot or if there is visible sagging, that is a clear sign of structural issues.

2. Loose or Missing Planks

A single loose board might seem minor, but it can be a tripping hazard and might indicate a larger problem with the dock’s overall structure. It can be crucial to address even small dock repair problems promptly.

3. Rusted or Damaged Hardware

The integrity of your dock relies on its hardware. If screws, nails, or bolts are rusting, it can compromise the structure. Similarly, damaged or missing hardware should be replaced immediately. A few moments of proactive dock repair can prevent many future headaches.

4. Shifting or Unstable Dock

If your dock shifts or wobbles when you walk on it, there might be a problem with its foundation or pilings. This can be due to a variety of reasons, from soil erosion to the decay of underwater components to mild or harmless causes. If the shifting is enough to concern you, or if there is a noticeable decrease in stability over a short period of time, consider reaching out to dock repair specialists.

5. Waterlogged Sections

Sections of your dock that are consistently waterlogged or submerged can deteriorate quickly. This is especially true for wooden docks which can rot when exposed to water for extended periods. Many factors can affect a wooden dock’s level of treatment and waterproofing, and it may vary from area to area. Especially with older docks, you may want to keep a watchful eye for needed dock repair.

6. Damaged or Worn-Out Gangways

Corroding metal railings, instability in high or low elevations, loose joints, unstable planks or beams, and broken ropes may all indicate dock repair needs.

7. PWC Port Wear

Look for signs of wear on the parts that keep your jet ski dry. If your PWC isn’t staying dry or if the ports are showing signs of damage, it might be time for a repair or replacement.

8. Malfunctioning Lifts

If your boat or PWC isn’t sitting properly in its lift or if the lift mechanisms show signs of strain, rust, or damage, it’s a clear indication that servicing is required.

9. Swim Platforms' Stability Issues

Any sign of unusual instability, especially when coupled with anchor issues, indicates that your swim platform might need attention.

10. Anchoring Problems

If your dock drifts more than usual or if the anchoring mechanisms show signs of wear, it’s crucial to address the problem before it becomes a larger issue. In severe cases, you may want to find a temporary stability solution before calling dock repair specialists.

11. Accessory Wear and Tear

Accessories like ladders, grills, or light fixtures can also wear out over time. If they’re not functioning as they should, it might be time for a replacement.

12. Sounds and Sensations

Sometimes, the issues aren’t visible. If you hear new creaking sounds, it can indicate structural stress. Similarly, an unusual rocking sensation might mean there are underlying issues with the dock’s balance or anchoring. If you find yourself unsure and uneasy, call your go to dock repair experts and get a professional’s assessment.

13. Algae or Mold Growth

While some water-based growth is normal, excessive algae or mold can indicate waterlogging or other moisture issues. It can also make your dock slippery, unsafe, or just unappealing. Regular maintenance can help keep your dock safe and clean

14. Frequent Splinters or Cracks

Wooden docks can develop splinters or cracks as they age. While some wear is expected, if you’re noticing frequent splinters or if the cracks seem to be deepening or spreading, it’s a sign the wood is deteriorating and it may be time to consider professional dock repair.

15. Fading or Discoloration

Both wooden and aluminum docks can fade or discolor with time due to weather conditions and water exposure. While minor fading isn’t a structural concern, severe discoloration can indicate material breakdown. If you’re unsure, contact a dock repair expert to get a professional opinion


Dock Servicing


All our dock products utilize modular designs for endless configuration possibilities.

Dock Servicing


Custom made gangways add comfort as you transition from the water to your dock.

Dock Servicing


Keep even the biggest of jet skis dry all year round!

Dock Servicing


The perfect solution to keep your boat or PWC clean and dry when not in use.

Dock Servicing


Large or small, our three-part process always keeps you stable.

Dock Servicing


The right method for your water situation.

Dock Servicing


Our accessories, your finishing touches.


Dock Servicing

Regatta Dock Systems offers a comprehensive range of docks suitable for various waterfront scenarios. Whether you’re looking for a smaller T-shaped or L-shaped dock for simple relaxation or need a more expansive setup for multiple boats, we’ve catered for all requirements. Our dock upgrades can feature roped railings for a touch of rustic charm, and we provide options fit for both small and large boats. Our docks emphasize functionality, adaptability, and tailored design to match every waterfront vision.


We partner with seven high quality brands and keep a fully stocked warehouse, which allows us to replace parts and make dock repairs fast. Since all our brands value a modular approach, expansion is always an option. We can help make your dock optimal for small scale relaxation or build larger configurations for multiple boats. With features like roped railings and adaptable designs, our docks cater to a wide range of boating and leisure needs.


Our full-tilt metal fabrication shop allows us to custom build dock repair solutions to meet your needs. Beyond dock repairs, we offer a complete service package, from expanding on what has already been built to initial dock design and installation. Our team makes sure that the final dock aligns with your requirements and enhances your waterfront experience.


Dock Servicing

Navigating from land to water shouldn’t feel like crossing a chasm, and–while most of us enjoy watching a good falling-in-the-water video–we like to choose for ourselves when we want to go for a swim. At Regatta Dock Systems, we recognize this, and our custom-made gangways are designed to bridge this divide with ease, safety, and style. Whether we are making gangway repairs alongside dock repairs or installing brand new gangways, we’ll make sure the work is done right.

Featured Product: Alumadock

Our Alumadock gangways stand out with their robust construction — made from 2″ x 2″ x 1/8″ and 2″ x 4″ x 1/8″ aluminum tubing, constructed 16″ on center. This construction not only surpasses many competitors in durability but also in versatility.

Standard Alumadock gangways measure 4′ x 20′. However, we know that one size doesn’t fit all, so we offer custom sizes to meet your specific requirements. These gangways are available in lengths ranging from 20′ to a generous 80′, with standard widths of 3′, 4′, and 6′. Yet again, should you need a different size, we’re equipped to accommodate that without added costs.

One notable feature of the Alumadock gangway is its structural engineering, allowing it to span great lengths without interruptions. This design versatility means our gangways can complement wooden, steel, or aluminum docks, seamlessly integrating with whatever structure you have in place. Additionally, the joint-less, solid floor design eliminates hazardous gaps often found between floating dock modules, ensuring safe passage for everyone.

Safety is further enhanced with aluminum handrails, available in either 36″ or 42″ heights. These handrails not only offer firm support but are also designed keeping in mind handicap accessibility. Plus, with the roto-molded plastic wheels mounted on a stainless steel axle, adjustments to water level fluctuations are easily managed, ensuring your gangway moves as the tides do.


Our commitment doesn’t end with product delivery. From the initial design consultation to the final installation, our team is dedicated to making your gangway perfectly complements your waterfront environment now and later.


Dock Servicing

The best care for your personal watercraft (PWC) extends beyond routine maintenance; it’s about providing an optimal space during its idle moments. Our PWC ports are designed to keep your jet ski dry when not in use. A dry PWC minimizes the chances of algae buildup and discoloration, contributing to its prolonged lifespan and value preservation.

The value of our PWC ports isn’t just in their protective qualities but also in their adaptability and ease of use. They effortlessly adjust to changing water levels, making them a practical choice for diverse waterfront scenarios. Depending on your existing setup, you have the flexibility to either integrate them into your current dock or have them anchored separately.

Since all our dock products are crafted with modularity in mind, your port will enjoy seamless integration with your Regatta Dock System. Connecting multiple ports or blending them with your current modular dock system is easy. Plus, the simple push-off and drive-on mechanism allows for an absence of any electricity-dependent operations, which makes using them a breeze.


Featuring a range of PWC ports sourced from renowned brands such as EZ Dock, Connect-A-Dock, and ShoreSide Lifts, our selection offers the perfect blend of innovative design and functionality. Each port promises a protective haven for your watercraft while integrating effortlessly with your existing waterfront layout.


Our services span from expert selection guidance to comprehensive installation. We make sure that our PWC ports not only serve their protective function but also elevate the aesthetics and utility of your waterfront space.


Dock Servicing

Dock repair and dock upgrades often complement each other, and adding a lift is one of the best upgrades you can choose. Protection and elevation are central to our lift offerings. Our partnerships with ShoreSide Lifts, HydroHoist Lifts, and Touchless Cover let us deliver an array of quality boat lifts. These range from lifts with protective canopies to specialized PWC lifts from brands like EZ Dock, Connect-A-Dock, and more.


Our diverse product range includes boat lifts, protective canopy lifts, and specialized PWC lifts, sourced from industry-leading brands like ShoreSide Lifts, HydroHoist Lifts, EZ Dock, and Connect-A-Dock.


From guiding you in lift selection to ensuring precision in installation, we aim for maximum functionality and durability for your watercraft.


Dock Servicing

Combine our modular floating docks, swim ladder, dead man collar anchoring and you get the most stable swim platform, perfect for residential or commercial use. Large or small, always stable.


Basic platforms, larger structures for group activities, and platforms with motor-possibilities emphasize our commitment to innovation and diverse marine needs.


From helping you select the ideal swim platform to its installation, we’ll make sure it’s a seamless addition to your waterfront activities.


Dock Servicing

Anchoring is pivotal for stability. Whether using sturdy metal rods, connecting to an established dock, or opting for wooden or metal poles, our anchoring solutions promise robustness and steadfastness.


From metal rods, connections to existing docks, to wooden or metal poles, our anchoring methods cater to diverse water and dock conditions.


We will analyze your waterfront before presenting you with the best options that fit your situation. Our expertise in anchoring means that your dock remains steadfast, regardless of water conditions and weather challenges.


Dock Servicing

Anchoring is pivotal for stability. Whether using sturdy metal rods, connecting to an established dock, or opting for wooden or metal poles, our anchoring solutions promise robustness and steadfastness.


From metal rods, connections to existing docks, to wooden or metal poles, our anchoring methods cater to diverse water and dock conditions.


We will analyze your waterfront before presenting you with the best options that fit your situation. Our expertise in anchoring means that your dock remains steadfast, regardless of water conditions and weather challenges.


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